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I hope the start of this year, and the end of last year was good for you. It certainly was for me...

I find I needed this.

Last time, it didn't turn out well... to the point that I've regularly called it "the New Year's Eve from hell". As a result, though, I learned a few things about myself. Still...

So, this New Year's Eve was celebrated with friends... good, close friends and loved ones. Informal, no shoulds, no musts, and yet, we did what people usually do at this time, freely, comfortably.

I needed this.
To compensate among others, certainly, and still
We needed this.

Posted Jan 1, 2010, 7:51:22 PM +0100 | Tags: random

... seems to be the subject du jour these days... anywhere I go, among the first thing I hear people ask each other is if they'd had their shot yet.

Today was my turn, apparently... A guy I talk with at times while doing laundry asked me that after the standard "How are you?"...

People are worried, people are checking... and yet, people don't seem very worried, it's more just checking the status of current interests than any actual worry.

I haven't taken any shots, and I won't. I highly doubt I need it, as I've been through having variants of flue in the 80's that I'm told makes me immune to this one. Either way, I usually don't take flue shots anyway, I'm live and kicking, and if I had a flue a couple of years ago, it was pretty mild, I was back on my feet within a week. I do believe that avoiding the shots and getting sick a little now and then help you build up an immunity at least as well as any vaccine.

Posted Nov 24, 2009, 4:40:09 PM +0100 | Tags: random

There are times when I really feel very alone.

Like right now, when I've just had a somewhat harsh exchange, and I'd like to talk with someone, and it feels like I've noone to talk to except the one I had that exchange with and two common friends that I really don't want to involve... I'd love to vent, I'd like to whine, and the only people I know that I can do that with are currently thoroughle asleep in a time zone that's 6 hours ahead of the one I'm in.


I need to find other friends here in Boston...

Posted Apr 26, 2009, 10:41:20 PM -0400 | Tags: random

There's a serenity with morning mist, a timelessness that wraps me and has me just stand and watch in stillness, watch everything disappear in the grey unknown, like a mystery waiting far beyond... or watch the mist from a tall building when it climbs out of a lake and wraps trees, houses, covers roads, cars, grassy pains...

I love it, just love it. It calms me down, makes me still, takes away stress and other wordly things, makes me just be, remaining in love and love alone.

Posted Apr 13, 2009, 9:16:19 AM +0200 | Tags: random

I've a friend who, when getting to know where I live, told me he had lived in the same building...

It turns out his girlfriend at the time ('87) lived in the apartment I live in now!

Small world, eh? And somehow, this leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in me :-)

Posted Apr 12, 2009, 11:22:46 PM +0200 | Tags: random

I thought I woke up early last saturday... Today, it went from odd to crazy. Why did I wake up at 4.40? After having slept for less than 5 hours?

Of course, it meant that by 11, I needed to go to sleep again for a couple of hours... It's a good think I'm working from home and can decide my own working hours... I'll enjoy that while I can.

Posted Apr 7, 2009, 4:32:56 PM +0200 | Tags: random

I was a little amazed today, when I realised that my personal dresscode is a tad stricter than "basic black"... No, washed out black jeans with a beginning hole on the left knee just doesn't cut it, even though I've been assured (to my surprise) that they do fall within the definition of "basic black".

I'm happy, though... found a pair of second hand leather pants today for almost no money at all.

Posted Apr 4, 2009, 8:03:56 PM +0200 | Tags: random

I woke up early this morning, again. It seems to be something I do when there's more early morning light. It's amazing in a way, 'cause there was a time when sunlight wouldn't influence on my sleeping pattern at all. But now it does, and it feels odd, especially a morning like this, when I wake up and instantly feel tired, but still can't get back to sleep... and quite honestly, being more of a late night person, I feel kind of out of place being up this early...

But now that I've been up for a couple of hours, maybe I can get back to sleep a couple more hours? Pretty please?

Posted Apr 4, 2009, 8:25:27 AM +0200 | Tags: random

I haven't seen her for 7 months, since last time I met her and F... It has been a while, and I finally got to see her again this evening.

We had a nice talk about our respective lives and quite a bit about poly issues, and got to an insight about depth in poly relationships.

It was nice to see each other again after such long time, and to share a bit of ourselves with each other, seeing how we have grown and gone through realisations over time, how some are very similar and others are different.

Posted Apr 3, 2009, 12:52:29 AM +0200 | Tags: random

Charlie was with a girlfriend last evening, and apparently decided to sleep over at hers, so I got to spend the evening and the night with just myself and the cats.

I feel marvelous!

It's been a while that I got to spend some time like this, just being with myself. Obviously, I needed that :-)

Later today, I'm gonna meet up with smilla and just spend the afternoon. We've never taken the opportunity to spend time, just her and me. Now's the time :-)

Posted Mar 27, 2009, 7:03:40 AM +0100 | Tags: random

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