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I've long avoided having public comments here, for two reasons. One was that I didn't want to clutter things up to much, and another was that I was lazy about setting it up.

Today, however, I stumbled upon disqus, which does all the nifty things you might want out of a blog commenting system, all you need is to hook things up. And it wasn't even hard, and I've all the controls I might desire and stuff...

I think I'm happy with the result so far... There was some mysteries to resolve, mostly because I had hacked in some css stuff in the wrong spot, but it didn't take too long to do.

Posted Jul 18, 2011 9:23:51 PM +0200 | Tags: blog

Working out some code to make your blog nicer, easier to work with, or something else is a bit of a privilegde, and a good reason to run it on your own server.

The change I did this time is invisible to you, and involves loading the tags cloud (over there to the right)... before my change, it was really an integral part of each page, which meant that whenever it changed, every page was rebuilt (it's comparable to throwing away your cache, except more time consuming). I changed the whole thing so the tags cloud is now in its own file, and is loaded by every page using php's include_only. Voilà, much less rebuilding!

Posted Nov 24, 2010 11:06:25 AM +0100 | Tags: blog

"What happened with my paragraphs?????"

My blog basically looks like crap again, just differently. Line breaks are preserved, but paragraphs in each entry are smooshed together.

I'm thinking ikiwiki is messed up for the moment, and an upgrade will fix things, as soon as it is available.

Update 2009-10-29: It seems it was libtext-multimarkdown-perl again. This time, the version (Debian version 1.0.27-2) was flaky, but an upgrade to a newer version (1.0.30-1) made things look muuuuch better.

Posted Oct 21, 2009 10:48:22 PM +0200 | Tags: blog

"Why does my blog look like complete crap?"

Yeah, I wondered, and tried to rebuild it on my laptop, where it complained a lot about a missing Text::MultiMarkdown::markdown function...

And yeah, correct, it wasn't to be found... apparently, the MultiMarkdown functions had moved to some new place, and ikiwiki for Debian knew about this... except that required installing a new package that I hadn't noticed before (libtext-multimarkdown-perl).

But hey, now it's installed and things look better already!

Posted Sep 11, 2009 10:13:29 AM +0200 | Tags: blog

There are times when I realise that I'm assuming everyone I care about reads this blog... I know that a lot do, but sometimes I get this sudden surprise with someone who simply isn't informed about some events in my life, and I realise that maybe I should have spoken specifically to them as well!

This time, this was triggered by some talks I'd had with my parents, and they asked about Charlie quite a lot, but not very much at all about Karin, actually not at all lately... and it just became clear that I hadn't told them much of what has happened in my love life, things that have changed and things that haven't and such, since... I dunno, could it be Christmas or was it later than that after all?

I realise that it is important to me that they are fairly well informed, and I've been lacking... and I assumed they were reading this blog, and I guess I have to realise that may have been a dream... Time to change my habits and write them some more emails, perhaps, or call more often?

Posted May 31, 2009 9:41:06 PM +0200 | Tags: blog

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