Since yesterday, I've walked around town in a kilt. It's kinda different, but after the five first minutes, my nervosity went away and I hardly noticed the glances and especially those people that quickly look away as soon as I look at them :-).

Basically, traversing Farsta Centrum at about 10am became the test of my confidence, and I was amazed how quickly walking around with, basically, a piece of cloth around your hip felt like the most natural thing in the world. I was a bit amused, though, by this stranger who had a good look at me, toe to head, with a broad smile on her face... I'll admit it, that was encouraging!

I guess the only thing that kind of triggers me is when I sometimes catch someone staring at my crotch... and of course, I'm wondering if this is how the women who get their boobs stared at too often feel like... on the other hand, am I noticing it more now because I'm wearing something different? Maybe it's something that occurs much more often than I've realised and I just hadn't noticed it before I feel a bit more exposed? I think I'll have to observe a little more consciously when I'll wear pants again...

What else? Oh yeah, there's the occasional breeze that sends a wif of fresh air to areas of my body where that has never happened before, and that's kind of a nice feeling.

Do I feel exposed? Not particularly. My kilt is a utilikilt, they're pleated and there's more layers of cloth in the front than one might realise, so a bit of wind won't make a difference, and since the kilt goes down below the knees, there really isn't much of a viewing angle, if you see what I mean. So no, no worries, really. Perhaps when sitting down, but considering I sat the same way today for, what could it be, half an hour?, before I realised that the people sitting at a level below me might have a view and thinking they might not enjoy it, it doesn't seem to be much of a bother (and it's silly anyway, as there isn't much light there ;-)).

I'm having fun with this. Isn't that how it should be?

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