Bostream, who's usually a pretty good operator, at least technically (and I get a static IP address, which is worth it's weight in gold!), chose to disconnect me yesterday. Of course, I only found out late, so their customer support was closed when I called, and since we're now in the middle of the x-mas weekend (we celebrate it on the 24th, and have holydays on the 25th and 26th), the customer support is closed. At least today, but my guess is, it won't be better tomorrow.

The weird part is, I've no clue why I'm disconnected. It could be a misunderstanding about payment, but I have proof that I payed on december 8th (I did get a reminder a few days ago. The printing date says it was printed the day before I sent them a payment), so I doubt it's that.

It could be with my moving from one place to another and requesting that the connection follows me, but if they chose to do half the job (disconnecting the old place) over the x-mas weekend, they made a really poor choice of timing!

sigh I feel lucky I've another connection through a different operator at my new place, so I've somewhere to surf from, and a place to have my server ( be reachable.

Of course, this other operator (whose name shall remain secret, so let's call it Voldemort) doesn't really like servers, so they have blocked incoming traffic on ports 25 and 80 (but not 443, so my server is still reachable through https). Worse, they don't allow outgoing traffic on port 25 either (yeah, yeah, I know, it protects everyone else from viri). Unfortunately, since I've an email service on my server, I need to be able to send out mail.

Fortunately, I've another server ( at a different place, behind a different operator that allows anything (they usually cost big bucks too), so I created a SSH tunnel from to that connects to port 25 on, then told my mail software on where it should redirect all the mail. Problem fixed, now I'm just watching the whole mail queue trickle through... Incoming mail, now that'll be a different story...

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