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Today, I've finally decided to drop this project. I really should have done it years ago, but there you go, these decisions take a while with me.

I've been thinking about it over the summer, and I came to realise that my motivation to keep on going with it is virtually none.

This is what I wrote on the mailing list:

Hi all,

Actually, the subject line doesn't say it all, it's really been time for quite a while.

Things are changing, life is going on, and I've been quite aware for a while that I haven't lifted a finger on this project for a long while. I've done some thinking on this and other stuff during the summer, to see where I feel motivated... and I came to the conclusion that my motivation to keep working on ctwm has been close to none for that long while, and that I really need to let go, let someone else take over.

Any takers? I've noticed some activity just recently, so I imagine there should be some interest. As a side note, there's a clone/fork on github, . I believe this was mentioned on this list some time ago. I have no idea if it's of interest.

From a practical point of view, I can keep the web site, monotone database, mail and all that running on my server, but in the long run, it might be a good idea to move it wherever the one taking over wishes. Just tell me what you need and I'll help as much as I can.

Cheers, Richard

P.S. If there are no takers, I will have to consider simply dropping the project. Nothing I particularly enjoy, but...

Among the things I've thought about but never got to actually doing is to add full support for Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual. I hope whoever takes over gets that going, it would be a nice addition.

Posted Sep 11, 2013, 2:06:04 PM +0200 | Tags: ctwm

OK, it's decision time. It's obvious that the amount of activities I've had lately came with consequences. I'm hardly at home before late most of the week days, I've a hard time making time to be with Eva, let alone take care of my own home. It's just too damn much, and generally deteriorating.

So, I've decided to take a break from the choir. Yes, I know, I was all excited a year ago, but the way things look right now, it's a luxuary I can't uphold anymore, if I want to stay healthy.

I'm also going to cut down on the time I spend at Stacken unless I can find a way to stay in focus with the stuff I work on. I could, for example, only appear every second week...

Posted Oct 11, 2005, 7:02:11 AM +0200 | Tags: ctwm

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