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Just a short note to present a part of this blog, the static pages, which I currently will mostly use for collections of clips I want to have constantly present instead of getting lost in the history of this blog.

I'm starting off with a few tango video clips.

We'll see where this leads, I might add other static stuff as well.

Posted May 11, 2011, 2:30:28 AM +0200 | Tags: tango

Last summer, Sweden's tango community was in shock, the Tango Portal on the net was gone, all there was was a note from the owner saying that it is no more. I won't go into detail about it... however, quite a number of people scrambled to their feet, a couple creating their own site as quick replacement.

There's also this group of people who realised that a site with such popularity couldn't rest on the shoulders of one single person who might get tired of it some day and no longer care about it... so, a few of us got together and created an association that would stand behind a new Tango Portal (, meaning "dance tango, now"), truly owned by community, making it possible for people to come and to leave as they get inspired or tired of it all without risking the future of the site.

In mid septembre, the association itself was started, and the site got started on not long after.

About 2 months later, the site was ready enough to get a following and be useful, and it was time to have a release party. Yesterday was the day, and it became a lovely evening with red wine, Empanadas and of course, lots of tango.

Mmmm, to tango, and to feel free to actually do it, daring to ask someone out on the floor, feeling that I can handle this, that I can lead a beautiful dance with quite a number of different dancers, or that I can follow easily, sensing quite a lot of the signals I get and do something nice with them. I recall a year ago, when I fel very new at this, you'd hardly catch me going to a tango evening like this. I did less than a year ago, but still, you wouldn't catch me inviting someone to dance. The difference between then and now amazes me sometimes.

Posted Nov 21, 2010, 8:46:57 AM +0100 | Tags: tango

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