It would seem like, as soon as you decide not to change anything any more, things change around you so you get at least a start of what you want :-). Some would call it chance, I don't.

After last night's frustration, I had finally decided that I'd spend friday at Pride House instead of Pride Park. I knew that Åsa was around there somewhere, checking out some seminars, but I had put away all hopes of meeting her.

Surprise! Charlie and I had just about hit the café on the roof when we got an SMS from Åsa saying she and F were on their way to Pride Park to get together with us! A bit of frantic SMS (and a good laugh on my part over the absurdity of the situation) and they turned around and came up to join us.

So we finally got to meet F!

To be quite honest, my first impression of him was that he's quite dull. I had already decided, though, that I wanted to know more about this guy, and it didn't take long for him to warm up to us a little, and we ended up having a small discussion about clothes and cross dressing. OK, my curiousity is triggered :-).

It was a fairly short meeting, Charlie and I wanted to attend a seminar that wasn't too far away and we wanted to be there with enough margin not to find ourselves outside an overful room.

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