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I've been told for ages that this is a must see movie(1), and I finally did, Anna had a copy that she brought(2)... and basically, I can see why quite a lot of people recommend it, it's quite a lot about the stuff that kids in Sweden go through during their teens(3). It's about love, it's about confusion, it's about not quite knowing or understanding who you are, and it's about fear of seeming "not normal" and what consequences that could bring.

Charlie used to mention this movie as well, quite a few times(4), and now that I've finally seen it, I can understand why, it does bring along a queer feel good feeling, it's a bit of a coming out movie as well, and about the courage (or insanity ;) ) needed to come through with who you are when you break the norm.

I'm glad I finally saw this one. It's taken some time, possibly because I've this prejudice about Swedish movies, that they usually aren't very good that I need to break through. But I've seen it finally, and I'm glad I did.

  1. BTW, you anglo-saxons probably don't recognise the name, it was translated to Show Me Love, probably mostly because that's the name of the song Robyn sings at the end, but still, that's a valid title as well, although boring. ↩

  2. Thank you :) ↩

  3. not me, though... what is shown in the movie, and stories I've heard others talk about, they are strange things to me, it's like nothing I went through (did I go through anything? Can't quite recall). I've seen it around me, I've been in the middle of it once, but that was almost like going to the zoo, if you know what I mean... ↩

  4. Thank you :) ↩

Posted Nov 27, 2010, 10:11:07 PM +0100 | Tags: movies

This is a film, a roughly standard story line of the college guy dating a high-school girl and then meeting another girl (damn, she's cute!), the one he has dreamed about (literally), and then gets to deal with her past, which is projected on him (literally).

This is a game, and you get to watch. Nintendo-ish, each level harder than the previous, a (larger and larger) bunch of coins appearing after each victory, and the battle with the Big Evil at the end. Any gamer should fall for this movie for the references alone! The movie is comic-ish as well, with onomatopoeia nicely injected on screen.

Basically, if you have a nerd heart in you somewhere, I think you should see this movie. If for nothing else, it will give you a good laugh! Or, simply because it's cute.

(IMDB ref)

Posted Nov 16, 2010, 11:05:28 PM +0100 | Tags: movies

Went watching The Gobblet of Fire on December 28th, in the late evening. I guess it was like the previous movies in a way, but I couldn't quite get the same sense of magic. Maybe I've become a bit blazé...

One think hit me hard, though; I don't like Michael Gambon's interpretation of Albus Dumbledore. Compared to his now deceised predecessor, Richard Harris (I), this guy is a brute! Richard Harris made an equally powerful interpretation, but in a much more humble and dignified way. Michael Gambon just hasn't the same finesse.

Pity. But won't stop me from seeing the next one...

Posted Jan 3, 2006, 2:32:09 AM +0100 | Tags: movies

I went to see "Livets hjul" a few weeks ago. Very beautiful movie, a must go see if you like splendid imagery and silent philosophy!

(previously written about it: - "Livets hjul", a Korean movie that's only shown (within Stockholm) in the independent theater Sture)

Posted May 20, 2004, 2:31:00 AM +0200 | Tags: movies

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