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Yesterday, while driving home from changing tapes on my server, I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular, when several thoughts connected to heritage and spirituality hit me. The connection I have to the "Gaulois" through my mom. The connection I've felt with the ancient Celts and their pagan ways. The fact that "Gaulois" is just the french word for Gals (through the Roman word "Gauls"), which is a Celtic group[0]. I could feel like a thread going from me, through my mom, back through history of France more than 2000 years, all the way back to the old Celts and feeling it reinforce the connection I feel with the current neo-Pagan groups (those I've been in touch with are mostly inspired by Celtic traditions).

Quite a moment, and I felt like a big thunk in my heart. I'm now trying to figure out what to do with this. Thoughts of rediscovering (well, OK, at least reading about) how the Celts used to live, and especially how their spiritual system really worked, and see how I can incorporate that in my life. Among the mysteries is also the views on sexuality, which seems so different from those coming from Christianity (I've been raised in a Christian environment, even though I never went to church).

It's interesting, really, that I've been raised in Sweden, lived there for more or less all my life, and still don't feel as connected, at least for the moment to the old cultures that existed here (although I'm interested in the old Viking religion, Asatro, I don't really feel the same connection with that as I do with neo-Paganism).

[0] There's an interesting discussion on the connection between the Gauls and the Gaels on

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