I had a date yesterday evening, at my place. No expectations whatsoever, just playing as I go, so to say, and getting whatever I can get, no set plan. The only thing I did to prepare was a little bit of cleanup and cooking dinner (a simple spinach and feta cheese pie, which she enjoyed :-)). The rest of the evening became lots of talking, mostly on her part.

Some might wonder what I got out of it, and she was worried that she would abuse my ... I think it was kindness that she referred to. But you know, just feeding someone and that being appreciated is a sacred thing in itself, and I enjoy that. And then, the talk was very much her opening up some things that are obviously painful, and opening up quite a lot of her vulnerability on a mental and emotional level, and that's nothing less than a precious gift. All I could do was listen a lot and take it all in.
Through all of that, she also saw a major part of who I am, and expressed it. I felt very much seen by her, and that's quite a gift as well.

I spent my morning thinking about this and letting the impressions sink in, and I just felt warm inside. I hope she feels the same.

Thank you.

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