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A little now and then, a bunch of polys (definitionists, hedonists, anarchists, ...) that know each other or are aquainted somehow get together at a café here in Stockholm. We spend time together, maybe we get to meet a new person, maybe we get som new perspectives, hug a lot or cuddle in corner or three. The place has a couple of couches and a number of people are quite cuddly, it really lends itself to that.

Yesterday was one of those times. We were quite a bunch, so we invaded one of the rooms, and there were a number of people I feel close to and love. I came there with someone i get together with a little now and then, and I got to see her become part of the bunch of people I know and love, got to see her share her deep intense gaze with someone else, and all I could do was to smile, it looked so beautiful.

Moments later, I sank into myself a bit and looked around, watching all those that were there, contemplating a face here, feeling someone's presence there, listening to the buzz of people talking with each other, catching a few words in a conversation that went back to becoming part of the buzz. The ebergy was calm, safe with lots of life, flow and connection. In the middle of this, when I just let it flow over and through me and found myself relax into it, I realised, in the deepest of me, that this is truly my pack, my tribe. I've put this in words before, but this time, the feeling came from really deep inside.

This is my pack, this is my tribe. This is where I enjoy myself, this is where I live like I don't elsewhere. Here, I can be real.

My pack. My tribe.

[This is a translation of what I wrote here]

Posted Dec 8, 2010 3:33:45 PM +0100 | Tags: tribe

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