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A recipe I made up on the fly a week or two ago. All measures are approximate:

Ingredients (enough for about 3-4 people):

500g (1 lb) Thai-style vegetables (pref. frozen)
500g (1 lb) meat (pork or beef work just as well)
olive oil
Teriyaki sauce

Slice the meat in small slices (you decide what "small" is to you, just don't make the ridiculously small).
Take a wok, put some olive oil in. Put it on the heat and let the oil heat up a little.
When the oil flows easily, make it coat the sides of the wok a bit.
Put the vegetables in the wok, stir so they get a bit coated with the oil, place on medium heat for a little while. You just want to heat them up.
Push the vegetables aside so they are no longer on the bottom of the wok.
Put the meat in the middle of the wok, then pour teriyaki sauce over it. You decide how much sauce you want, I usually have my meat covered with it.
Cook the meat long enough to be how you like it. You will need to turn all the pieces a couple of times (this is why the slices shouldn't be ridiculously small :-) ).
When the meat is the way you like it, mix everything together so you get a large mix of meat and vegetables, and let that simmer together for about a minute, for taste.
Take off the heat and serve.

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