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[this poem was published on Facebook and is reproduced here with permission from the author]

Every minute
every second
every moment
has made me

Every scar
every tear
every movement
every memory

Looking inwards

This is who I am.


All are.

Finding oneself is no more
than how seeing how
you create yourself.
Acceptance is the key.

Open minded
on the base
of my being
Not forgotten
but not ruled by

Strength of spirit
Spirit of strength
Forgive and live.

Life's too short otherwise.

-- Laura Mc Donald

Posted Jun 5, 2008 2:47:14 PM +0200 | Tags: spirituality

We met today, while I took a walk after lunch. I hadn't really seen you, noticed you, looked at you for months. You have been hiding away all winter, in the darkness, although you've made attempts to show yourself again a little now and then, lately. I was in my own darkness though, so I didn't notice you, maybe even ignored you as a figment of my imagination.

But today I saw you. I said hello to you. I bathed in your energy, your light and your love. I opened my arms to you and bathed in your warm embrace, felt your love. I closed my eyes and simply felt your touch on my skin and your movement around me. We almost made love, right there, in the open.

I've missed you and didn't even notice. I wonder, did you miss me? Was it as sweet a reunion for you as it was for me?

I love you, even thought I know you will be a pain in my head later on. You are a warm, beautiful, powerful source of life, and I can only be in awe in your presence. Dear Sun, even though I sometimes seek the darkness, I will always come back and stand in your light.

Yours, in love

Posted Mar 13, 2006 5:51:47 PM +0100 | Tags: spirituality

Yesterday, while driving home from changing tapes on my server, I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular, when several thoughts connected to heritage and spirituality hit me. The connection I have to the "Gaulois" through my mom. The connection I've felt with the ancient Celts and their pagan ways. The fact that "Gaulois" is just the french word for Gals (through the Roman word "Gauls"), which is a Celtic group[0]. I could feel like a thread going from me, through my mom, back through history of France more than 2000 years, all the way back to the old Celts and feeling it reinforce the connection I feel with the current neo-Pagan groups (those I've been in touch with are mostly inspired by Celtic traditions).

Quite a moment, and I felt like a big thunk in my heart. I'm now trying to figure out what to do with this. Thoughts of rediscovering (well, OK, at least reading about) how the Celts used to live, and especially how their spiritual system really worked, and see how I can incorporate that in my life. Among the mysteries is also the views on sexuality, which seems so different from those coming from Christianity (I've been raised in a Christian environment, even though I never went to church).

It's interesting, really, that I've been raised in Sweden, lived there for more or less all my life, and still don't feel as connected, at least for the moment to the old cultures that existed here (although I'm interested in the old Viking religion, Asatro, I don't really feel the same connection with that as I do with neo-Paganism).

[0] There's an interesting discussion on the connection between the Gauls and the Gaels on

Posted Jan 6, 2005 9:53:00 AM +0100 | Tags: spirituality

Today, on another forum, two threads appeared, one that encouraged people to vent the things that were bad in their life, and another with the good stuff. I've decided to reproduce my two response here, just for the sake of having my own archive of the stuff I write.

The "bad things" thread:

Oh my, this is quite a thread after coming out of a mini-depression...

I hate to express myself in terms of hate. It feels like there's no nuance.

The doctors have just discovered my mom has some kind of lung sickness, probably the same as her mom, who ended up having lots of fluids in her lungs. It hit me like a ton of bricks that one of those who have been there my whole life has suddenly taken a giant step toward her own death, and I have no idea how to deal with it. It makes me really sad and it's really hard to realise this.

Quite soon (in a couple of months?), I'm probably going to watch my son travel away to the other side of the Atlantic, together with his mother. I know that he's going to have a good time and that there is stuff over there that he probably needs, and at the same time, I can't help but feel crushed that we're placing the burden of our divorce on him even more by giving him parents who are physically very separated instead of living about 600 meters (yards) apart. I'm working out the chagrin that I currently feel within, so I can go past it.

I absolutely hate (there, I said it) that I have been so numb, so out of touch with my true feelings for so very long (roughly 1990 to last christmas. That's a long time). I hate that I couldn't express the deep love I now know I can feel, and know I did feel. I hate that this numbness brought me to say "yes" when there was a big resounding "NO" deep within me, or even when there was just disagreement. I hate how I, by consequence, promised things that weren't grounded in me, that weren't what I wanted to promise. I hate how I, even further by consequence, broke those promises, because they weren't really grounded in me.

I hate that I ignored the child within, and let it reign on it's own or have someone else pamper it or even parent it. I hate that this still happens. It's my job, damnit!

I strongly dislike (and always have, I just didn't know how to express it before last spring) when someone wants me to take care of their inner child, instead of doing it themselves. I've had that happen with 3 people, one of them being my mom. Having someone else take care of your inner child does not help, especially yourself! It doesn't help that inner child grow.

I have an increasing difficulty with people who think their own perspective of the truth is The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth. It leaves no space for the rest of the world. I hate it when I catch myself doing exactly that.


P.S. interesting how I can express hate about my own stuff...

P.P.S. it feels good having expressed all this. THANK YOU!

The "unrant" thread:

Great thread!

I love my son Jacob. I love the way he laughs and runs into my arms, almost tackling me down, each time I pick him up from dagis and sometimes from his mom. I love the way he can melt into a hug with me. I love watching him play. I love his very apparent joy for life.

I love my cat Kattie (I didn't name him! ). I love the way he curls up on my lap or on my tummy, especially when I need it the most. I love how he suddenly gets a burst of wilderness in him around 11pm. I love him for being so patient with Jacob.

I really enjoy this new path of growth and increased spirituality that I'm walking, slowly finding my way to understand the world beyond the immediately apparent and to feel love for and connection with everyone and everything. Some day, I'll even be able to love myself fully.

I love computer programing. It's my art. It's the ultimate expression of my creativity blended with logic, accuracy and the feeling that I do the right thing.

I love interacting and being with people. I increasingly throw myself into groups of people, new situations, new challenges, things that might ultimately provoke something in my inner core and help me grow a little bit more.

I sometimes like being alone, just to recapture my life, brood over something I've been through recently, or just enjoy a little bit of quiet time.

I love going to the movies once in a while, or going out to eat in good company.

I love my current companion, for her straightforwardness, for her awareness that goes beyond what I have experienced (or been willing to see, perhaps) before, for her accepting what I have to give (things I didn't even know about) and for what she has to give me, and for encouraging me to follow the path I'm currently following.

I love my previous partners, for having wanted to share a few years with me, even though they have sometimes been very difficult. They will all be part of my life, forever. I'm deeply grateful to them all, and especially to Lisa, for everything I've learned and for the path that they have lead me to.


Posted Sep 20, 2004 1:53:00 AM +0200 | Tags: spirituality

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