Yet another year and with loooong silence from me. It was about a year ago that I said anything about myself, wasn't it? Ah, yeah, last time I said anything at all was a rant about sane customer relationships...
Last time I spoke about my life was even earlier, when I basically asked the universe to shut the fuck up :-).

Suffice to say that a lot has happened since. One of the possibilities that I talked about in that last one was a new relationship, which started not very long after. It started off quite well, but somehow, we got off on the wrong foot somewhere in the middle of the summer, and I spent all from august and on to try to rectify that (my part at least). I imagine we got to a point where the relationship would be workable, but unfortunately, other conditions of life came in and made the relationship impossible, and it ended a bit before Christmas (some time between the middle of November and the beginning of December, depending on who you ask).

I assume you've noticed that I'm not really giving very much detail at all. This is one person that I won't even mention by name, for the simple reason that I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want me to. I guess that at some level, I'm protecting her even today, and I'm probably going to keep doing so. I'll say, though, that I miss her, at the very least as a friend (I haven't heard from her since... some time in January or February).

Sometime during the autumn (I forget exactly when, but spyro plays an important role in this happening), I started talking with Charlie, who I've know of for quite a while (because we're both on the same polyamory mailing list) on Facebook. We quickly became fairly close (as close as you can get through a text-only interface) friends. With the help of a mutual friend, who just happened to invite us both to the same event, we ended up meeting some time in late November, and we had a very nice chat over a couple of beers after that event. Among other things, we found we had many things in common in our respective backgrounds (it almost got ridiculous, really...). We realised that yes, we were interested in each other, and a few weeks later (two, I think), a new (poly) relationship started. It has deepened and developed ever since.

Remember the endless search for a bigger apartment? Last time I wrote about it, I was quite discouraged and thought nothing would ever happen, but last summer, something finally clicked and we were three people doing a triangular trade, and I've ended up here. I moved on in the beginning of last autumn, we through a renovation (through which I was evacuated here, which wasn't the nicest apartment, but hey, that was only for 3 months!) and have ended up with something that has exactly the kinds of wall papers I want and so on.
Reaaaaally nice, and I'm really happy to be here, and it ended up being what fulfills all my needs in the best possible way!

Jacob... well, I really dunno what to write here. On one hand, we keep visiting each other, I've been over in Boston last autumn and this spring, and he was over here in Sweden for Christmas, and... heh, I just figured I do know what to write ;-)... and it's felt marvelous to be with him the times it has been. It has felt marvelous to be able to provide some space for him instead of being cramped in a 41 m² apartment, even if it was in that evacuation apartment.

In his development, I've mostly noticed that his language gets better each time I meet him, and it's quite nice to hold entire conversations with him. It's equally nice to see him interact with other kids, over in Boston as well as here (which I think he does marvelously well, even if the other kids don't speak the same language!). Last summer, when he was in Sweden, I watched him interact with a girl for a long time, him speaking in English and her in Swedish. Marvelous!

Credits where credits are due, thank you Lisa!

What else... oh, yeah, work... nah, that'll be for another entry, when I feel like it.

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