I've spent the last couple of hours being increasingly irritated and irritable, and for some reason, the image of someone telling me yesterday that I have a dirty mind comes back again and again. What the fsck?

I mean, come on, I do have a dirty mind, I make sexually charged jokes every so often. It's well known and has been for a long time! There's no surprise, and I have certainly not felt guilty around it (well, ok, sometimes I do go too far and blush accordingly, but that passes quickly).

So, why should I get pissed about it now? Is it some kind of guilt? Is it connected to other events, or to the person who said it? A combination of wrong person and bad timing? Or is it because it was (or so I suspect) around a (perfectly innocent, for once!) Freudian slip I made earlier? Is it because I didn't have control over the joke, and am therefore feeling accused, maybe even attacked? I mean, I can usually blow such slips off, and the slip wasn't that bad, really (in my opinion, and that's all that counts, at least here).

Nah, the more I think about it, the more I'm finding I'm feeling guilty because of the person it came from. OK, something for me to look into, I guess.

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