I spent last weekend with Karin, and had a generally lovely time, sharing some every day time. Charlie had her own time with a ( ... well, what do I call him, "flirt"? Nah, I'll leave that undefined and just say "guy" ... ) guy she had a connection with.

Saturday, Karin had a bunch of people over, lovely people that we all know or are at least acquainted with one way or another. I'll admit that there was a surreal sense with having Charlie and her guy come over, but that sense disappeared quite fast. Really lovely bunch of people, we all had a good time, lots of laughs and all that.

We also had som overnight guests there two nights in a row, nice bunch, a lovely woman and friend on a very deep level and two of her loves. They are nice to have around, lovely to talk and generally interact with. It seems that one of the guys and I are developing a deeper friendship as well.

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