My stomach felt weird today, so I stayed home from work (I gotta get the extra work computer home, so I can do my work even if I'm home).

Other than this weird feeling, I felt fine, just didn't want to risk it turning worse while at work (I've puked at work, a long time ago, and that wasn't a pleasant experience, so I'd rather not risk it happening again).

To add to it all, my e-mail traffic has decreased dramatically (I turned on full greylisting yesterday, so I receive no SPAM! Well, ok, maybe one a day), which is quite different from just two days ago, when I still would get a hundred SPAM or so that spamassassin didn't catch(!). Today, there was basically nothing to deal with!

So I'm realising that I'm an e-mail junkie. I've grown dependent on having to deal with the flow and catch the good mails that hide in between. I'm missing it!

No, I'm not gonna turn off all the SPAM fenders I now have in place. It's actually good that I've less e-mail to deal with, it gives me time to deal with more important stuff. This is just part of the change, and the circumstances aren't exactly the best, being stuck home to boot! I'll go to work tomorrow and will have something to get my mind of e-mail for a bit.

What am I whining about, really?

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