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I hear a lot of 80's music when I go around town, into shops, pizza places, 7-11 and so on. There seems to be a sort of revival; actually, it's been going on for a while already.

The 80's was a time when I listened to quite a lot, that was largely my formative period when it comes to pop and rock.

A couple of days ago, there was yet another of those tunes that I knew was from that time period, and wondered who that was singing... and apparently, I couldn't let go of it, the tune kept playing in my head. In the lyrics were the words "I want you to be my baby", and a quick lookup lead to someone else getting the same question answered, and voilà, there it is, Terence Trent d'Arby, a name I had forgotten.

Posted Nov 2, 2010 2:42:13 PM +0100 | Tags: 80s

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