... seems to be the subject du jour these days... anywhere I go, among the first thing I hear people ask each other is if they'd had their shot yet.

Today was my turn, apparently... A guy I talk with at times while doing laundry asked me that after the standard "How are you?"...

People are worried, people are checking... and yet, people don't seem very worried, it's more just checking the status of current interests than any actual worry.

I haven't taken any shots, and I won't. I highly doubt I need it, as I've been through having variants of flue in the 80's that I'm told makes me immune to this one. Either way, I usually don't take flue shots anyway, I'm live and kicking, and if I had a flue a couple of years ago, it was pretty mild, I was back on my feet within a week. I do believe that avoiding the shots and getting sick a little now and then help you build up an immunity at least as well as any vaccine.

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