I went out to have a beer with a bunch of friends/people I know yesterday. Among them was a woman I hadn't seen in a few years, and who was good friends with Lisa and I back when we were together, and as remained close friends with Lisa since then. She ignored me totally yesterday, which surprised me mostly because it's never happened to me before (that I'm aware of), wouldn't look at me at all, not even responding when I said something that was blatantly directed to her.

It stung a little bit, but I mostly chuckled inside because that whole act is really pretty silly, bordering on childish. After all, I've done absolutely nothing to her.

The only thing that I can see is that this is connected to Lisa's and my divorce 5 years back, that this woman has "chosen a side" and acts it out this way, perpetrating a five year old hurt as she goes.

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