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That's kind of an odd title, isn't it? It will become clear, in just a few lines...

I've been following The Burning House, a photo project where people submit one picture that has the stuff that they hold dear and want to take with them if their house burns.

There's really a gazillion pictures, some of them make me laugh, I have a hard time seeing how they'd bring all that stuff in a fire situation.

One submitted picture stuck out, though... James van der Velden included not just stuff in his picture, but also his girlfriend, and I found that to be really sweet. (I've keep it "unread" in my feed reader, just to be able to go back and see it again)

Posted Mar 7, 2012 9:12:18 AM +0100 | Tags: photography

One of the aspects of photography that attract me is going out, taking pictures of life happening around me, people, the streets, the local suburb or the city...

I just missed a challenge in this, Street Photography Now project, it ended last week, more or less when I got to know about it. Still, you get to admire some nicely taken shots and ponder over the instructions that people have been inspired by. Some of those instructions can actually serve as inspiration still or as a truth that's easily forgotten, not just the week they were valid in this project...

"If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph" - Bruce Gilden (instruction #1)

"Never overlook a cliche" - Artem Zhitenev (instruction #6)

"Look closer to home." - Lars Tunbjörk (instruction #13)

"Slow down, the next picture may be very quiet and close" - Bruno Quinquet (instruction #20)

"Pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds" - Polly Braden (instruction #22)

"If you're not sure it's a picture, shoot it anyway" - Carolyn Drake (instruction #26)

"Remember Robert Capa's words: "If your pictures aren't good enough, your're not close enough". - Andrew Glickman (instruction #30)

"When you hit that wall of utter frustration while photographing the street, when you are beyond tired and just want to give up, keep on walking - for another hour, or until the light goes entirely. Often the best photographs come when you least expect them - when you are the most exhuasted, and the most emotionally vulnerable." - Alex Webb (instruction #38)

"The real subject is yourself facing the world" - Thierry Girard (instruction #47)

Posted Sep 30, 2011 10:14:26 PM +0200 | Tags: photography

Live and learn


I mean, I've read about these mistakes... you know, having the camera set for some shoot with one specific set of properties, forgetting about it, and shoot something different a few days later, with very different lighting, and discovering how bad the picture came out.
And I've read of all these photographers that have this routine of checking and setting their camera(s) before every new shoot... and it seems that reading about this so damn many times, one might learn from it.

But no.

I made that same mistake, when taking a picture for yesterday's daily shoot. It was set to ISO 800 and white balance for flash, which wasn't quite optimal for taking a picture of the sky in sunlight...

Live and learn, they say. Maybe I've learned to check the settings of the camera before the next new shoot. Here's hoping.

Posted Aug 30, 2011 10:07:29 AM +0200 | Tags: photography

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, snapping a little here and there, a little now and then... but then, that's also what it's been, sporadic moments a little now and then, without developing myself much, just to snap a shot as memory.

Something happened, though, and there's this drive in me that wants to take photography a bit farther than mere get together and vacation pictures. Perhaps a few themes (I'm fond of people, abandoned places, the mist, nature, animals, just to take a few possibilities...), perhaps taking pictures of some events (musical ones, for example), perhaps getting as far as starting to take studio photos, that kind of thing.

If you see a photo signed with the picture to the right, you'll know it's mine.

Do I have what it takes? I really don't know, at all. But then, I've got to start somewhere, don't I?

Posted Jul 19, 2011 5:39:25 PM +0200 | Tags: photography

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