[rewritten 2008-08-05]

I had written up a few seminars, but considering I'd partied until the wee hours, it wasn't realistic in any way or form...

There were still some important things:

  • 14:00 - xx:xx. Poly picknick. I'm not missing this for the world, colds stay away :-)! There are a few people who I know I'll get to connect with there and then if at no other time. This will be held outside the Pride Park itself, so people who aren't interested in the rest of Pride can still join in... not that Pride Park itself lends itself for picknicks anyway ;-).
  • 17:00 - 19:00, 20:30 - 22:30. Schlager evening. This is a very popular event in the gay community in Stockholm (or Sweden?). I expect I'll reconnect with a number of gay friends I haven't mentioned yet. An evening of fun!

That's it? That's it!

Oh, there was a last minute proposal to have a poly grilling party starting somewhere around 19... I never went to that.

Actually, this day ended up being even simpler than the wednesday one... Imagine that!

Aaaaanyway... This day started late, as usual. Charlie and I went to the picknick, where we first found smilla together with two of her loves. Soon enough, a lot of the usual crowd (Karin, Kristine, Fabian, Karin, ...) as well as a number of people I'd never met before (I finally got to meet two more of Charlie's sweeties, Anders and Valentin, who I had heard a bit about for a while) joined in and we simply enjoyed time together.
At some point, smilla summoned the courage to come around a lot of people and approach me with the words "I want to talk with him!", and a nice although short talk we had.
I left a little before 17:00 to join Charlie for the Schlager evening (Charlie had left an hour earlier to be the host of the bi tent for an hour).

The Schlager evening was lots of fun, dancing and singing along as much as was possible in the crowd. I didn't reconnect with those other friends, oh well.

[there will be more added when I remember more]

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