Since the time when I wondered if Åsa was kind of floating away, I've talked with her as well as with Charlie, and it's clear that she doesn't want to distance herself from us. At the same time, though, it's clear that she has a conflict between the love for this jealous man and her stand that she is poly and bi and want to live as such.

I talked with her extensively yesterday, wondering about what kinds of limits were really at play (I had heard "no sex" earlier, but it wasn't clear what was emotionally included in that... to some, a kiss is sexual enough to trigger them), but also talked about what the situation looked like from my view point. All in all, it was a good talk, even though it was difficult, and I could hear on her voice that even though she could handle it, it was tough for her.

She and her boyfriend (I'll call him F for now) are coming to Stockholm tomorrow and will probably hang out quite a bit in Pride Park. I know that Åsa wants to take part in the poly picknick on thursday, and she, F and I are going to the jealousy workshop on friday and see if we can get some help for F's jealousy.

This will be a tough reconnection for me. To be able to say hi, hug, possibly kiss at least lightly, but still feeling that I have to hold back, kind of hold my breath while something out of my control happens, that's quite rough on my heart. But if it serves the greater good, it's well worth it.

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