[rewritten 2008-08-05]

Wednesday was among the simplest of my days:

  • 12:00 - 12:45. 'You can't really ask them if they're gay, can you?' A seminar about how it is for personel in hospitals, among others, when they meet people today and do not know how to relate. I'm currently not entirely sure I'm going, as I'm also a bit involved in the poly tent and want to help out.
  • 14:00 - 19:00. I'll be a host at the poly tent, together with Kristine and Angelica.
  • 22:00 - the wee hours. Party! SLM and LASH are organising a night together for all to participate in, no dress code. Going there with Charlie, and perhaps others?

This was a pretty damn soft day. I ended up not going to the seminar at 12, I had a lazy morning instead and went directly to the park at 14. On the way there, I met a young woman with incredibly beautiful wrap-around pants, black with yellow-orange flames along the bottom (there's another variant of hot for ya :-)), commented on them and we ended up chatting the whole way to the park where we parted ways.

In the tent itself, nothing much happened really. A little bit of organizing, and oh, yeah, Helena Meyer showed up with a whole bunch of comic strips, both her own and others. I mostly ended up talking with both Kristine and Angelica about fetish/BDSM, since that was the experience for the night.

I've heard later that Åsa had turned up somewhere in the day. It must have been when I went shopping some food for Kristine and myself. Damn!

There was more happening, a number of friends showing up, I do remember Jenny, Kip, Karin and goooorgeous Johanna with her hubby.

The party? It was interesting and more exciting than I expected. Someone said I was like a fish in water, and yeah, I enjoyed myself.

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