After not having met Åsa and F yet and finding out that they had already been at the jealousy seminar yesterday and we would most probably not meet today either, I'm getting quite frustrated. I feel sad and angry, because it feels like the opportunity to see each other is slipping away. I feel sad and angry, because I keep hearing about her "wanting to meet, but...", and I can't get the actions to match the words. I'm feeling like an object that can be dropped and picked whenever with no further regard. Charlie doesn't like the situation either.

I ended up writing Åsa an email laying out how I felt, and explaining that I'm pulling back a bit and leaving all the initiative to her for a while. That became a release, I can let go and leave it to the future to show us what it has in mind, and can plan today with Charlie.

Still, there's a sadness that things end up the way they do, and just a small hope to see a change... for now.

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