We met today, while I took a walk after lunch. I hadn't really seen you, noticed you, looked at you for months. You have been hiding away all winter, in the darkness, although you've made attempts to show yourself again a little now and then, lately. I was in my own darkness though, so I didn't notice you, maybe even ignored you as a figment of my imagination.

But today I saw you. I said hello to you. I bathed in your energy, your light and your love. I opened my arms to you and bathed in your warm embrace, felt your love. I closed my eyes and simply felt your touch on my skin and your movement around me. We almost made love, right there, in the open.

I've missed you and didn't even notice. I wonder, did you miss me? Was it as sweet a reunion for you as it was for me?

I love you, even thought I know you will be a pain in my head later on. You are a warm, beautiful, powerful source of life, and I can only be in awe in your presence. Dear Sun, even though I sometimes seek the darkness, I will always come back and stand in your light.

Yours, in love

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