Since we saw her and F, Åsa has sent Charlie and me SMS's that end with kisses, which we hadn't seen for a while (a couple of weeks). It made us feel like something was happening, and in a direction we like. Considering how things were just a week ago, this feels like a big step!

They came to us last saturday when we were in the bi tent, chatted a bit, showed us some stuff they had shopped (no, I won't tell), went off to check out some other stuff in the park, came back and showed us what they had seen and a couple of pictures, and I dunno, I was feeling some warmth in the air (plus I got to kiss Åsa both times just before they left, and that says something as well).

Since then, Åsa has sent me a few emails, all of which seem to go in the same direction, something I enjoy immensely.

So I'm guessing and hoping that F is getting over his jealousy, that he's found peace with our existence in Åsa's life, with the love shared and expressed.

And still, I know that there's more to go through. I'm still waiting for the next step, for the next deep talk which will and must happen to figure out where we all stand and how we can relate with each other. It's been a rough week and the roughness needs a little bit of healing, and only time will tell if the current peace with F is only temporary or if it is as sustainable as we all hope for. I sure hope things will go well and want to do my part to get there.

Love is in the air.

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