Well, I though I'd write something while I was in Boston, but I didn't. Laziness, maybe, or just other priorities.

All in all, a fairly good trip, although a hard one in a way, as the realisation I don't have much of a community when I might need it. But apart from that, I had a marvelous time with Jacob, just spending time with him doing more or less normal daily stuff just as well as doing something special on weekends.

Among the more special stuff I recall, there are two that very specially come to mind now...
One was being shared with Jacob's class. They have this half hour after lunch every Tuesday when those who want to can share something that's important to them one way or another. Most share some toy that they currently enjoy or something like that. Jacob shared... me! That felt very special, and went deep into my heart. The class got to ask questions, and most were quite curious about Sweden and how long it takes to travel to Boston, obviously trying to make sense of being so far away, let alone having a parent so far away.
The other was making a road trip southward from Boston. We stopped at Fall River and had a look at battle ships, and then went on to Wakefield to see the Toe Jam Puppet Band. The latter was incredible fun, these guys know how to get kids going, dancing and generally participating! Jacob had a blast! And after the show, I got all surprised when one of the girls from the band called to Jacob and said "Hi"! It left a very nice feeling.

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