A couple of weekends ago, a small group of poly people (me included) organised the first poly conference in Sweden.

The preparations were quite stressful, most of the practical stuff done in 3 days, I basically spent all the time I had between coming back from the states and the weekend doing just that. But you know, it was well worth it, because the conference itself was a huge success! The friendship found in this group, the love, the sense of community, the new connections made, and more personally, a new relationship formed... all left me quite overwhelmed in the best kind of way for several days after, and the aftermath isn't done yet, I'm still sitting with a lost+found box that needs to be taken care of, a film to download from the camera, stuff that need to be stored away...

The best thing that's resulted from the conference is hearing a number of people telling us that they've found their way home, that this is the kind of life they belong in. Having given the opportunity to find their way to this is... well, it's difficult to put words on, it's a sense of awe to have been part of this. It feels ground breaking in a way, just as I'm sure those of my friends in this community who have been part of introducing the poly concept in common media felt when they started a few years ago.

To any and all that were part and found something new in their heart, I say "Welcome! Welcome home!"

As part of this conference, a number of interesting subjects were treated, such as the law, how to come out, new vocabulary that's forming in our community today, norms that are growing in our community and that we might want to either deal with or foster, what may be in our future and a few more subjects I don't currently recalled. A lot of good things were said and mentioned and will be discussed further as time passes, into the next conference and on.

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