When I was in Boston, there was a day when I was conflicted inside, triggered by something Lisa had said. I felt small, I felt bad, I felt sad and sorry for myself, and I needed someone. A shoulder to cry on, someone to vent with, or share emotions with, someone that can bounce back reality at me, someone I can trust at a deep emotional level. I don't think I can do that with the folks I usually live with when I'm there, since I don't think they want to get involved, which is understandable as they're also close friends with Lisa.

Fortunately, I could talk with Charlie over the phone, and it helped a lot, to the max of what can be done, said and shared. However, it didn't take away a deep feeling of loneliness, locally where I was. The lack of a warm embrase or a close snuggle, which I'm a sucker for at times like this, was very present.

How does one build community of the kind I want, deep, sharing and trusting, only being there twice a year, two weeks at a time? The answer to that one would be precious!

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