Something I've realised when I thought about all my longer, more committed relationships just a couple of months ago is that they all began with a very noticable spark, sometimes years before the relationship itself started. I can remember everyone of those sparks as if they happened yesterday, clear as crystal.

This past weekend, I think I felt that again, and it's been quite a long time since I felt this, I had forgotten what it was like... but there it was, something caught me in the corner of my eye, among a whole bunch of tango dancers, one that stuck out. Her moves were exciting, and at the same time, time stood still for a moment.
Am I sure? Nope. I never am, I often only realise some time later, perhaps years later, that there was a spark and what it looks like, that image that got etched into my mind to stay there for ever.
But maybe, just maybe this is one of those.

She noticed me too, we approached each other on the dance floor, testing and finding pleasure in the shared dance, so much that we had a majority of dances the day after, and decided to spend a little bit of time together in town today before she had to return home.
We will meet again, we already decided on it, in a couple of months.

My hopes? I don't know, I'm trying not to place to much into this, I really don't want to rush things, like I said before. Take it one day at a time, see what might come out of it, take my time.

And still, a spark?

What worries me is that I was so sure that there was no space for anything new for a while, that my heart needs healing, all that. And now this... am I fooling myself? Is this just some way to escape? I dunno, I dunno, I dunno... and sometimes I'm wondering if I'm just thinking too much, worrying too much.

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