There are times when I realise that I'm assuming everyone I care about reads this blog... I know that a lot do, but sometimes I get this sudden surprise with someone who simply isn't informed about some events in my life, and I realise that maybe I should have spoken specifically to them as well!

This time, this was triggered by some talks I'd had with my parents, and they asked about Charlie quite a lot, but not very much at all about Karin, actually not at all lately... and it just became clear that I hadn't told them much of what has happened in my love life, things that have changed and things that haven't and such, since... I dunno, could it be Christmas or was it later than that after all?

I realise that it is important to me that they are fairly well informed, and I've been lacking... and I assumed they were reading this blog, and I guess I have to realise that may have been a dream... Time to change my habits and write them some more emails, perhaps, or call more often?

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