While coming out as poly at work was fairly easy, coming out as bisexual is harder.

Some may remember that I mentioned a man that's homophobic because he's been abused by a gay man... Unfortunately, that's a coworker, and he has also told me that he can get pretty aggressive against gay men, even for something as innocent as a pat on the back.

Today, he asked me about this rainbow bracelet that I wear (I got it in Pride Park two weekends ago), and I went on telling him the poly folks are considering themselves queer. And this was the moment when I felt my heart sink, since I knew full well that I was hiding behind the poly lable. Later on, my body reacted, I was dizzy for a couple of hours.

So yeah, this man scares me. The thought of how he could react when he gets to know about my bisexuality scares me.

Charlie asked me what would be the worst that could happen. Being marginalised, frozen out, perhaps having work-related actions started against me, bullied. Those are the things that scare me. She reminded me, though, that there are good anti-discimination laws in Sweden. It felt very good to be reminded.

There are two possible courses of action, really; 1) to simply bite the bullet and say what I have to say and take up any reactions with my team leader, or 2) start with talking with the team leader about my concerns (which is the way I've been recommended).

Of course, there's the question of why I want to tell at all. In this specific case, there's the additional matter that the man in question seems to be very curious about people around him, I've met very few coworkers who have taken such an interest in who I am. Point is, he's going to find out either way, and I believe it's better if it comes directly from me one way or another.
(actually, considering this blog is completely public, I'm surprised this guy hasn't found out yet... and yeah, he knows I'm blogging)

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