The same question can really be asked about any action. Why do we do what we do, why do we make certain big decisions.

In my case, it's about coming out as poly and as bisexual, and it's currently happening at an increasing speed, or so it feels to me. As I've said earlier, part of it is a boost from my experience with Europride, but that's hardly all, this has been a slowly ongoing process that's kind of blooming right now.

The very basic driving force behind coming out is that I do not want to live a closed life any more. I do not want to worry about who knows what about me. I do not want to hide who I am. The only way I know to resolve this is to open up, to tell people around me who I am, and to acknowledge it for myself when doing so. This is all the more important when I find myself in situations where I end up being scared of consequences.

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