The cats had met him before, this Griffon Bruxellois... him spending the afternoon, evening, night and morning here was, however, a bit new. Before, he had only spent two or three of hours here at most.

This was a bit of an experiment, but I wasn't worried, I knew that this dog had lived with cats before, and his owner was used to both dogs and cats, and these cats aren't scared of much.

The first few hours, the dog was in a leash, so the cats had a chance to get used to him without him running after them. After trying to engage them into play with a few small barks, the dog eventually tired of it all and just lay down resting. Ever so slowly, the cats would approach him, sniff the air around him and sniffing him.

There were moments, like when Padmé came nose to nose with the dog and the dog tried to engage in play, and Padmé just sat there, not quite knowing what to do with this weird creature, but not running away either. Or when Padmé and the dog came nose to nose, seriously checking each other out. Or when the dog slept on the bed and Sirius was on the bedroom windowsill, calmly observing. Or when, in the morning, I was petting Padmé and the dog was sniffing her butt the way dogs do, and she was just calmly purring away.

For a first experiment of this sort, I think it was mightily successful :-) ... gotta love this kitties for their calm and for their social skills, be it with humans or other animals.

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