About a week ago, day before my birthday, Charlie and I got three kittens home. We had visited them a few times before, so they would get a feel for us, and the first time was kind of magical, one of them chose us rather than the other way around.

When they came home to us, they immediately started exploring and have been doing so since, and they have adapted very well. And it's fun getting to see what they discover and how. This morning, I had the pleasure of three kittens exploring the basin in the bathroom and flowing water (I let it trickle just a little bit). It's fun to watch a cat trying to figure out how to handle a trickle of water, putting his nose squarely into it (with a resulting sneeze), trying to bite off pieces of water until he figured out that using his toungue probably works best.

Anyway, three kittens... all three are siblings, Sirius (inspired by Sirius Black) is the largest of the three and has a black coat, as well as his sister Ronja (inspired from Ronia the Robber's Daughter because she's wild at heart, talkative and a enthusiastic hunter), while the other sister, Padmé Amidala, has a beautiful tortoiseshell coat. All three good hearted, purring their hearts away at a blink of an eye, and yet with visible distinct personalities.
Sirius seems to be quite the explorer, always the first to go forward and discover something new, perhaps a little bit too uncautious for his own good, and maybe a bit macho.
Ronja is quite the talker and has a knack for walking on your keyboard when you're by the computer, she also turned off my laptop one time (which Karin, who was using it at the time, took as a sign she should get off the computer for a bit).
Padmé, while being the more cautious of the three, also seems to be the fearless one. Less than a week ago, a couple of friends helped Charlie-has-moved-in, some of it went into the bedroom, and after, we found Padmé lying on the bed, calmly watching the whole thing, while the other two were hiding under the bed. That's quite telling. But don't get Padmé wrong, she knows how to have wild fun as well, and is quite the explorer, she just takes it a little slower, taking her own pace.

A few pictures, maybe?

Ronja exploring the computer shelf
Padm� doing a balance act
Padm� and Sirius resting together on our bed
Charlie with all three of them
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