I've pets a little now and then. Sometimes together with someone, sometimes on my own. Mostly cats...

Padmé Amidala

One out of three cats in our home. Intelligent, fairly calm, seems to be the philosophical type. You can get her to purr just by looking at her a certain way :-)

Siblings: Sirius and Ronja
Don't make the mistake of thinking Sirius is the boss of this family, even though he can play the bully... when things get serious, Padmé is the boss, noone else. She just doesn't need to be an authority very often.


One out of three cats in our home. Sweet and wild at the same time, hence her name (she's named after Astrid Lindgren's Ronia the Robber's Daughter). She's an explorer, her motto seems to be "the higher the better", and she has quite a knack for finding her way to surprising places. Her brother Sirius wasn't slow following in her footsteps, though ;-). When she's not busy exploring, she's the cudliest imaginable.

Sirius Black

Note: Sirius is no longer in my home. He has moved over to Charlie's. I keep the text below around for nostalgic reasons.

One out of three cats in our home. Big and strong, very male. A fighter sometimes, and a bit on the wild side. He enjoyed sitting on a screen (our feline sysadmin, mayhaps?) when he was younger, nowadays he a little too big for that.
Quite the caretaker of his two sisters (Padmé and Ronja) when he's not messing with them...


Note: Sidious has moved on to another family. I keep the text below for nostalgic reasons

Sidious isn't my dog, he's Anna's... but still, I've gotten to know him, and there's a bit of bonding happening, so I'd say he deserves a place among "my" pets.

He's a Griffon Bruxellois.

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