My relationship with winter should be marked "It's complicated".

I've some thoughts about it following a series of posts on facebook where some rejoyce in spring coming, and others rejoyce when there's a bit of snow, even just for the night.

I find myself agreeing with both.

Winter has always been a time when my energies go down, I slow down a bit. Some years are worse when others, they become depressing. It has to do with light, really dark winters aren't good for me. Winters with snow are usually much more enjoyable, the snow making things lighter. I'm not fond of too much cold, though... but what's too cold varies a bit, some years it's been anything below +5°C, this year, whatever above -2° is fine with me.

The end result is that at this time of year, when it's still a bit dark, when sun still goes down at 17:20 and spring seems to be here, I find myself rejoycing in spring, in the birds that have started to sing, in the deer that are coming out of the bushes, and I find myself rejoycing in the occasional night or few days of snow that still come and are to come for a month of two.

So, it's complicated.

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