This is ages ago... 20 years ago, almost exactly! Still, I remember it well.

D went on a trip with a friend (B), gone for a week, or was it two? Anyway, shortly after they came back, we all got together, and that's when D want to talk a little bit... and she told me that B had asked her to mary him... and I think she wanted to make sure I was ok with it somehow and... but most of all, I simply think she wanted to be honest with me as soon as possible...

Looking back, I took it very well. Sure, I was sad because I felt like I had lost her, but our relationship wasn't the best at the time, I think it was slowly dying off. So, sad I was, but still cared for her as a friend... enough to be her best man (or whatever it's called) at their wedding, and spending time with them both later on, quite easily.

At this point, I believe many would be screaming with anger, just hearing this story. And some might view me as pretty damn weak, and maybe I was, I really don't know.

The striking thing, though, is that while thinking about this yesterday, I realised that D had been unfaithful with me (we did live a monogamous relationship, although we never got married). I had never even thought of it in these terms before yesterday, and even today, thinking back, I can't see even the tiniest bit of jealousy. I was angry, yes, but that was for being abandoned, not much else. I truly had no problems with them getting together.

Makes me wonder...
Makes me wonder about me and jealousy.
Makes me wonder about me and forms of relationships.

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