It's well known, most humans need the physical touch of other humans. Hugs, holding hands, cuddling, yada yada yada...

So do I, and I think I'm among those who really need it a lot. I'm among those who feel blessed when sleeping tightly together with someone (I know a number of people who need to be free from others when they sleep). I'm among those who can place himself in the middle of a bunch of people and be the happiest you'd see.

There's been a serious lack of this lately.

Mistakes have been made, signals have been missinterpreted, and I'm left feeling more unsure than ever how my touch and desire for it will be taken, what it will start in others, if they will take it for much more than it really is, just a moment's friendly touch.
So I hold back, I've stopped being the naturally touchy feely person I've been, and I've noticed how I scan for some sort of "permission", which implies that others have to magically understand what I'm asking for.

There's been a serious lack of this lately, and I'm starving.

So I'm staying in my corner, watching others cuddle lightly while feeling lonely and not knowing how to, or if I can ask to join in. It seems I've forgotten how to.
There are times, though, when someone sees me and joins me, and that's a nice thing.

Still... there's been a serious lack of touch lately, and I get desperate.

[ Now, if there's someone stupid enough to read this with perv glasses on, take them off and come again ]

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