I started early today, at 5am. But hey, I was supposed to be at the airport at 7am, and it's 40 minutes to get there... or more. Today is also the day for the first real snow, it seems (there was a day or two of snow a week ago, but that went quickly. I suspect the snow has come to stay this time), so everyone was driving really carefully, me included, especially after I skidded to a stop at one crossing. That was a little scary, but fortunately harmless.

Check-in went incredibly fast, there was almost no line, so my bag was checked in in no time. So far, the experience has been just easy and comfortable.

Having never flown with Continental before, I'm always curious to see how they are. I found the security instructions to be amazingly detailed and still easy to understand. Maintainance is so-so, there were some visible traces of aging, for example my tray table on which my beverage was constantly sliding toward me.

Probably the best thing I can think of, flying with Continental, is that I basically do one big leap over the Atlantic, making that the long 9 hour haul, then there's a small trip from Newark to Boston. I much prefer that, especially on my way back, when I can use that long haul to sleep and get myself more easily back to Swedish rythm. Less jetlag can only be good, right? It's quite possible that I'll fly with Continental again, just because of that.

It will be good to see Jacob again. To see how he has grown, how he has evolved, how much he's the same or different. And plain simply, to be able to give him a hug. Gods, I've missed that!

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