For monotone v1.0, it would be nice if we actually released something that felt fairly complete. The question is, what should be included?

Right this moment, I'm looking through the contributed scripts that are packaged in the source distribution, making sure they work properly with the latest release, that they use up to date technology (let me tell you, monotone has had some cool additions lately!), things like that. Just now, I reworked the old bash completion script into a new version that gets its data directly from the current man page.

What else have I been thinking of? Well, a few things actually:

  • having newer versions of buildbot work with monotone... sadly enough, it seems like the build in support is not up to date, and it seems like it's been removed from version 0.8. Since we're using buildbot for tests, we do need to have this working. this is actually pretty high priority
  • packaging usher for Debian. I've started on the program itself, I still need to add the information for a server package around usher (I plan to call it monotone-server-usher).
  • Keep working on the scripts in the contrib/ directory with the intention to try to see what could become supported stuff.
  • Finish up the bugfix I worked on during the last bugfest.

The list could probably be made longer. Any ideas or wishes? Please email me.

Update 2010-12-03 (1): I've now done what's needed to package usher 1.0~dev. Well, ok, except there's still no manpage for usherctl, but that's a relatively small thing...

  1. That's december 3rd 2010 ;-) ↩

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