I've realised (again) that I surround myself with teachers. Not in the classic sense, but more in a teacher-of-life sense. Everyone that I have or have had some kind of deeper relationship (romantic or friendship, doesn't really matter which it is) have been part of shaping me, nudging me along a new path of ideas, thoughts, beliefs and more.

It's as obvious that the things I learn are exactly what has been missing before in the puzzle of who I am. And I'm certain these are things I probably would learn or discover in some way sooner or later, but still, I'm very grateful for all these moments when I get enlightened with a new idea, get help to fill in a gap in my thinking or figuring out something that I don't have the tools for myself, or...

The bewildering thing is that these teachers just show up in my life at the moment I really need them.
This is true for Eva, whom I consider a goddess, no less, and who has really been a blessing in the more divine and emotional paths of life.
This is true for Ian who has been my therapist for a while, and who got me out of the emotionally closed, self-bashing and self-blaming state of mind I was in just two and a half years ago, like no other therapist had ever been able to before. From where I stand, he helped me save my life.
This is true for my friend elmindreda, whom I first really sought (sp?) out to get some insight in what my son (who's thought to be autistic (I'm still not 100% sure)) is about and what I might be able to expect from him, and she has opened up my eyes to a world I hadn't seen yet, in spite of having an autistic brother.
This is true for Lisa, who showed me a different world than the common, and at that time deeply atheist, world I was living in a bunch of years ago. She showed me that there are different thinkers and different communities out there, and I got in touch with the Pagan and dance communities through her. She showed me that there's more to the USA (she's from there) than we get through the media here in Sweden.
This is true for many more, some of which I forget right now and some of which I didn't listen to very well.

For all this, I'm deeply grateful. I feel safe and cared for in a very cosmic sense. Nurtured, even.

Thank you.

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