I had a talk with my landlord today.

It seems that I haven't payed enough rent since I started living here, according to their calculations. They generously don't have me pay what I should have payed retroactively, but they are going to bring rent up to what it should have been, starting may 1st. From my calculations, it's a 22% raise of the rent. That's... quite a hefty sudden increase.

I've asked for their numbers, but looking back at papers I've received way back when I moved in (that was a little more than 6 years ago), and they're probably right. I just hadn't noticed.

I've been wondering for a while if I could afford staying here much longer. This raise makes the question more acute, and I really wonder. I'm considering that it might be time to move to something smaller.

This is a pity, really... this is an appartment that took me two years to find, it's in a perfect spot, a nice green area away from the noise of the big roads, and large enough for all facets of life that I wanted to include (one of which never came to fruition, but that's for another post). I was hoping to be able to stay here for quite a number of years. If I decide to leave, it's going to be with quite a lot of sadness. And where to? There's a good question.

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