You know, the previous note didn't come out right regarding this other woman. It's not what I felt for her diminished because my feelings for Eva shifted. It's more like...

Let's say it like this; I'm rediscovering that for a relationship to sustain, it needs being nurtured, by contact, touch, sharing, fondling, ... yeah, you get it. This other woman I talked about, well, I haven't told her how I feel about her, mainly because this situation has become an issue between Eva and me. Since I see my relationship with Eva as my primary relationship (see the Polyamory FAQ, subject 4), I can't go have another relationship while the issue is there. I've already done that mistake once a few years ago, and that's once too much already.

So, since I've done nothing to nurture a relationship with that other woman (let alone start it at all! :-) ), such thoughts are kind of dwiddling away slowly, just leaving a nice fondness in my heart.

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