It's a little confusing, the notion of putting your relationship on pause, or is it called "taking a break"?

I mean, saying so means so many things... sometime it's used as a slow cheap way to break up entirely, sometimes it's used to take some distance and ponder over the relationship and see what the next step is. And then, there's simply the pause that noone really talks about, or maybe even considers as an option.

I heard this story, a few years ago, about the couple who lives out on the countryside. They are quite decided, as I understand it, to stick together for a long time if not for life. However, one of them sometimes needs time of her own, where she lives alone for a little while (I've no idea what "a little while" was, could be a week, could be a month, could be April to July). Living on the countryside, they'd made it easy for both, there's an extra cottage a bit away from the main house, to which she moves when she needs her time alone.

I know of many people who would find such an arrangement weird, this is not how it's supposed to be. I don't, I've lived near enough people who need time of their own to see that this is a viable option. I could certainly live with it.

So, when talking about taking a break, or putting the relationship on pause, maybe some thought should be put into what it reallt means and why it's desired or needed; what's really going on, basically.

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