It's been an intense few days. Lisa and Jacob flew here so he could visit Sweden, me, my parents, ... They arrived on the 23rd, and we all went to the apartment where they would live. Spent some time there, and then Lisa and Jacob went to visit some friends while I was dropped at my place.

The next day, Jacob and I spent checking out the area of the new place I hope to move to soon, then went to my current place to have dinner and spend some time together. We found some of his old toys in the cellar and brought them up, watched a movie (a Veggie Tales one I have in my movie archive), played and had a general pleasant time together. Note that this year, Christmas was a little unusual. We would normally celebrate it on this day, the 24th, as is customary in Sweden, but for practical reasons, we chose to celebrate it on the 25th instead.

So, the 25th, we went to my parents. Picked up Eva on the way, and went on to celebrate Christmas. The people present were my parents of course, my brother, my aunt Karin, Jacob, Eva and me.

Jacob had a bit of trouble with all the grownups chattering away at the dining table to start with, but came back after a little while, and seemed to enjoy unpacking he presents, playing with us, watching a little bit of TV, ...

The 26th, I took Jacob back to my parents again, just to spend time and to celebrate my mom's birtday as well.

The 27th (yesterday or today, depending on how you look at it :-) ), Jacob, Eva and I went to Junibacken, which is a wonderful place for a kid, very much dedicated to the works of Astrid Lindgren. It's filled with exhibits that you can play in and with. He had a blast! And I'm quite happy to see that he has such good contact with Eva.

After being done with Junibacken, we dropped off Eva at a convenient place (she had stuff of her own to deal with) and went to my place to have a good dinner. Yum! We spent the rest of the evening just playing (sometimes a bit on his own while I dealt with dishes and similar things). It was a sweet moment.

They're flying back tomorrow morning. Quite early, really, so all I have left is to wave them off at the airport. It's been a wonderful few days, and it's sad to see him leave. But that's the path we've chosen...

There's are more pictures here

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