Have you noticed how some people have a need to reinforce what they want with language of power? "If you don't do this the way I want / If you do that thing I don't like, I will do this forceful thing that I'm sure you don't like" I get that a little now and then, and am sometimes baffled by it, especially when the threat (you know, the "I will do this forceful thing..." part) is far from being in proportion to whatever I did wrong.

I've been told that this threat that I'm talking about is just the way I perceive it. So what else is new? When it comes to emotions, fears, that sort of thing, what exactly is not a perception? When it comes to what we say to each other, who doesn't interpret what is said with the filters of one's own fears, emotions, traumas and so on? Of course it's my perception of it, I think that kind of language is an attempt to threaten!

I've also been told that what I perceive as a threat it's just a consequence of my actions. I would argue that it's both, and that such a conclusion is a simplification of the whole drama. What's missing is an element of choice. The one speaking with that kind of language makes a choice to do so, and that in itself isn't a consequence of anyone else's actions, it's a consequence of that person's emotions, fears, traumas and insecurities.

I find myself going more and more into a position to simply not answer to that kind of language, not giving it energy and attention. It's a simple choice and drawing a line. I have no desire to take part in that kind of game, plain and simple.

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