On a web forum that I frequent, an aquaintance talks about some struggle in her neighborhood and what she does to help resolve it. It's obvious that while she's strong and can do what's needed, it also has an emotional toll. Sensing that, I did what comes most natural to me, and send her a big hug in that same thread.

Next thing I know is that I get a little notification from someone else basically saying that we should concentrate on the kid. Of course, I responded what I saw and that she might need a little bit of comfort as well. I was a little upset already yesterday, so it's possible my response was less balanced than I thought it was.

His next response made it fairly clear that this someone is her boyfriend and that he grossly misinterpreted that simple hug...

If your caring aura extended to everyone in the forum i wouldnt have to mention it. Now go and rub you cock up someone elses girlfriend. Play by the rules.

Eh gods, it was a simple hug, the kind I would give to anyone just for the moment of comfort with no further intention.
Bud, if you're going to react on a simple hug, maybe you need to look into your own insecurities, and maybe also trust. Not trust in me, but trust in your girlfriend.

For the record, I'm a hugger. I won't stop being that. Everyone who knows me even the slightest knows it.


Update: I just got it confirmed that he is her boyfriend and that he is hurting from the sense that guys are flirting with her while he's watching. It's time for some peace talk, me thinks...

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