[ this was written about a month ago, but I didn't get to put the pictures in before now ]

It's been 5 years since last time I was here, and it really hasn't changed much. We were three this time as well, dad, Anna and her dog, and I...

I'm saying it hasn't changed much, and it's true... and yet...
Getting there was a little bit quicker this time around, as the E4 has been modernised, and in a year, it's going to be much easier to get here by train. So, modern civilization is getting closer.
The village itself, though, and the woods surrounding it haven't changed much, still. Except for some of the people. Some of them are no longer with us since last time, and some others have become noticably older. And yet, it's the same hospitality, the same coffee (or tea if you prefer that ;-) ), the same kinds of cookies being served with it, and talking about local things as well as about what's happenng in Stockholm these days. Everyone wants to know what's new, what's as usual, what's changed.

We revisited (well, for Anna, it wasn't so much a revisit, was it now? ;-) ) some of the places, the abandoned house (we went inside this time), the log house that a cousin of my father's has, another member of the extended family.
Anna's dog has had a blast, he could run around quite a lot as he liked, and he followed us everywhere.

We didn't stay in Sonja's big house this time, as she used it herself. Instead, we stayed in the guest cottage she has. It was nice and cozy staying there, perfect place for a shorter stay-over. It worked well for us.

During the weekend, we had the pleasure of participating in a local... well, not exactly harvest, as this isn't grain or anything. It was basically cutting away grass on a larger area, making it nice and clean, but also, that grass becomes hay I believe, so it was kind of a harvest as well. The thing is that this is a pretty special event in the area, as it's done a fairly old fashioned way, cutting it down with scythes and piling it together with rakes.
Anyway, Anna and I learned to use a scythe, that was lots of fun, and easier to start than one might think.

The work wasn't really very hard, there were so many that there was plenty of time to stop and chat with someone for a little while, getting to know one, getting to know another, suddenly getting that offer to learn how to use a scythe. And everyone participates, not just older folks, but all ages, including kids that get to move that piles of grass to the place where it's hung to dry.
It was a bit special listening to the people there and the stuff that's important to them, and listen to the kids commenting on that dead deer that was found stuck in the river the morning before. It's a world quite different from living in the city and its outskirts.

Anyway, it was a nice time being here, even if it was just for three days. I should probably come back, and perhaps a little before five years have past again.

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